Independent Fee-Only Fiduciary

Being a Fee-Only Independent RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) and Fiduciary means we consistently put our clients first.  As a fee-only independent investment advisor and financial planner we are not tied to any specific company offerings or investments. We do not take commissions from any product sales, we do not invest in mutual funds that come with heavy sales loads, we do not take any referral fees, and we aren’t rewarded with lavish sales trips for meeting any product sales quotas.

As a fiduciary, we take a pledge to always put the client’s interest first. This applies to the planning advice that is given as well as the investment management that we provide. Although most advisors do strive to put their client’s interest first, many do not have a fiduciary oath to do so. With the fiduciary oath there comes the highest level of transparency when it comes to fees and what the client is charged.