Our financial planning philosophy is built around really getting to know our clients on a deeper level. We will explore a number of topics relating to your impressions and feelings about money, saving, investing, and your overall satisfaction in various aspects of your life before any financial planning advice is given. It is important that we have a great understanding of what is important to you during our planning relationship.

Goal Development
We believe in developing goals around your specific values to help build "true wealth" that is comprised of both financial knowledge and emotional intelligence.  During our financial planning process we will discover the motivations and emotional drivers behind your values so that we can assist you in living a meaningful and purposeful life.

Cash Flows & Budgeting
The cornerstone of any financial plan is your cashflow. By developing a plan that helps manage your debts and savings along with your everyday expenses you will be able to feel financially free.

Debt Assessment
Part of your financial plan will involve analyzing the efficiency of your debt obligations to ensure they are met with all of your short-term needs and long-term goals in mind.

Tax Planning
We specialize in assisting our clients with tax efficiencies to tackle our every changing tax landscape. Tax inefficiencies can drag down your disposable and retirement incomes, so we place a high priority on tax strategies.

Investment Planning
We believe developing your asset allocation and finding low cost investments are the most important part of your investment management. We believe in diversification to meet longer horizon goals and that timing or trying to beat the market can be devastating in the long run.

Retirement Planning
Planning for your retirement is one of the main reasons people hire an advisor, but retirement planning is ever-changing much like our tax environment. Pensions are dwindling and people need to rely on their own savings now more than ever. Having a plan that is adaptable and has varying components of Roth, Traditional, and other assets is key to having a sustainable nest egg.

Estate Planning
We will review your wills, trusts, and medical directives to ensure that they align with the goals and objectives we discuss. Having a solid estate plan is essential to make sure your assets pass in the way that you want with the least amount of tax impact possible.

Insurance Planning
We do a deep-dive review of all employee benefits, life insurance, disability insurance, long-term care, as well as your home, auto, and umbrella policies to make certain you are protected in the event any catastrophic and unforeseen circumstance arises.

Planning for Business Owners
Aligning the interests of the business with those of the business owner should be at the forefront of any business planning. Your personal values and goals should be evident in the way you run your business. With these thoughts in mind, we will develop a plan that looks at:

  • Cash Flows and Owner Compensation
  • Taxes
  • Asset and Investment Diversification
  • Owner and Employee Benefits
  • Business Financing and Debt
  • Retirement Plans
  • Liquidity Needs
  • Identifying Key Employees and Retention Strategies
  • Proper Succession Planning