At Envision Wealth Planners, we believe money is a tool to design your future and create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful. Financial planning is the blueprint you use to arrange and implement your financial strategies.

We use the 5-E Financial Life Planning Process™ to create a foundation for delivering personalized, life-centered financial advice. Our goal is to help you find harmony between your money and your life so that you can create the tomorrow of your dreams.

Our process unfolds in five stages: Together, we Explore, Engage, Envision, Enlighten, and Empower in pursuit of your goals. The initial stage of financial planning is a highly concentrated investment of time, typically taking 4-5 meetings,but it is time well spent because it lays the foundation for a streamlined financial life plan.

During the planning phase, we learn about you and your goals, gather information, identify priorities, develop recommendations and discuss how to move forward. With a plan in place, energies shift to implementing the plan and monitoring its progress.

Here is what each phase looks like:


At our first meeting, we are getting acquainted and learning about your needs, concerns and aspirations. We describe what we do and how we do it, relating our services to your issues Together, we determine whether there is a fit and decide whether to move forward.


It’s time to find out where you are right now with your finances—Point A. We strive to understand your perspective and preferences, and we begin a candid discussion of what matters to you and what brings you joy. We gather basic financial information and clarify your priorities.


Now the discussion turns to where you want to go in your financial life—Point B. Knowing where to go requires a vision, so we work with you to identify and prioritize both personal and financial goals. And we help you set up a spending plan that aligns with your plan to achieve your ideal life.


We begin to distill your priorities, values, concerns and objectives into a plan. Our insights and knowledge inform our recommendations, which cover all aspects of your financial life. We show how our proposed solutions will support your life vision and goals, and make any needed adjustments.


With a final recommendations in hand, we are ready to implement your plan. We continue to monitor progress and help you focus on your goals. We confer with you periodically to make sure your financial plan is supporting your life vision and systematically address any issues, transitions and concerns that may emerge.

We are excited about the opportunity to guide you to a future that is exciting, inspiring and secure. IF you’re ready to get started, give us a call!