Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Executives

You’re an expert at making money through real estate—but what do you do with your money once the deals are signed? Of course, properly managed investments are an important part of your financial picture, but you need more than just investment management. You need comprehensive financial advice to help you:

  • Develop a revenue stream that provides consistent monthly income
  • Evaluate the best time to take distributions and bonuses from your LLC
  • Structure and fund a tax-efficient retirement plan
  • Maximize your retirement savings plan for your family
  • Understand and manage complex company stock plans
  • Minimize the tax burden from your various asset classes
  • Strategize the smartest ways to save for your children’s college education
  • Protect you and your family with cost-effective insurance 
  • Create an estate plan to distribute your wealth efficiently and designate guardianship for your children if something should happen to you
  • Offer flexibility for early retirement if you desire

Whether you’re experiencing your first real estate successes or you’ve been in the business for decades, we want to help you focus on the best strategies to grow, manage, and protect your wealth. At Envision Wealth Planners, our clients come first every day as we work collaboratively to achieve carefully determined goals.