Sound principles for your financial future

Our founder, Sean Gerlin, established Envision Wealth Planners because he wanted to help people just like him: good savers, builders of wealth, and responsible individuals and families. These are the type of hardworking people who want to create opportunities for themselves and others to thrive.

Our financial expertise—built over decades of education and professional experience—has provided us with the principles to make good holistic decisions in our own lives. We want to help others do the same. 

Our mission is to provide goal-oriented advice consistent with the values of our firm so our clients can live their lives to the fullest.

Our purpose is to cultivate a superior client relationship that will mesh our values with theirs in an effort to help our clients live their best lives.

We value family, honesty, and the continual pursuit of mastering our trade.

If you align with our values, we invite you to learn more about our founder, Sean Gerlin.